A 6 Week Coaching Group to Change your Life!

Duration:  6 weeks

This runs every year…

Booking Essential. Please message us to register for next years’ course..

  • Would you like to be sure that this coming year is a year of wonderful changes for you?
  • Do you feel you lose time and energy because of emotional wobbles, relationship problems and fears about money?
  • Do you find yourself thinking ‘ it should be easier than this’?
  • Do you feel as though you’ve been working on your issues for years, being brave, taking leaps of faith and yet you are still not feeling free and empowered in the way that you desire?

Are you ready for a Breakthrough now?


  • Wouldn’t you love to relax in your life, knowing that you are deserving of well-being and able to share your gifts  in ways that you love?
  • Learn to change how you feel and raise your vibration!
  • To work with life’s flow and to trust your process…
  • Take on tools and practices that make all the difference and are easy to fit into your life!

Let me show you what I’ve learnt about BEING the natural attracting force for your dreams to come true! I know how challenging it can be to trust your own life at times, to feel as though things are all moving in the right direction. We all want to be authentic in how we live our lives and to not have to worry about where the money is going to come from, what our purpose in life is or how to be truly loved for being ourselves… It doesn’t seem too much to ask does it?! I was there for years, ploughing through the personal growth, emotional clearings, facing doubts and fears…all the while frustrated because I’ve known just how much I have to share… Sound familiar? Well I think we live in deeply amazing times, never before has a group of so many faced their demons and been willing to clean up like we are. To discover our own version of ourselves, our family values and relationship choices. We can’t discount how amazing we are, even whilst we face the latest challenges forcing our surrender towards something we haven’t lived yet… So what I’m offering here is the chance to get together once a week for 6 weeks, with a group who understand those challenges too, the fears, the frustrations, the limitations, and the TALENT AND DREAMS! You will learn to use the tools that will change your game;

  • EFT for clearing negative beliefs & energy patterns
  • Breath awareness
  • Guided visualisations
  • The principles of Law of Attraction.
  • I’ll help you understand that we are constantly creating with the Law of Attraction and how to fine tune what you are setting in motion.
  • We will also get into the body, with simple exercises (accessible to all), to shake off old stuck energy and open you up to embodying more of you!
  • We will define our direction with goal setting tools, even while learning the art of surrender! It is the dance of both that makes for a lovely life, of both self-realisation and self-creation!
I’ll lead you through a weekly programme for clearing down old beliefs, show you how to create those new neural pathways that welcome abundance, love and ease… I’ll give you some easy practices for fine tuning the minds attention back to happier expectations and lead visualisations for attracting your dreams. You will finish this course with a whole new level of wellbeing and understanding how blessed you deserve to be. Life will never be the same again! The magic happens when we make a decision and define our choices. Add to that the magnifying power of the New Year energy,  gathering with good people and whoooosh! Bring it on! Whole new levels of juicy living! :))) You will also receive a free personalised 1/2hr skype coaching session to assist you to embody these changes and dissolve resistance. You deserve to live well and express your unique gifts!

Make this one the year you claim and live that!

Investment: £180

Client Feedback About Lasare

  Since using the tools presented by Lasare my life has changed dramatically. I am more content, playful and relaxed. The videos recommended and the sincere coaching are so positive and life affirming it becomes difficult to hold onto negative thought patterns. My heart is so much more open to receive abundance in so many ways. ‘This course has and is changing my life. I have a happier home and I am happier’….D. Simpson

The Abundance course has given me so much, a whole new (and definitely improved) approach to pretty much every area my life. Lasare has a gift for holding a strong safe space, and gave us so many amazing tools that really work. The feeling of kinship and connection which built up in our group was extraordinary, I felt held in a web of people who I really knew had my back… A. Knowles

This course is not just about Abundance. It’s about the way you walk through your life, the feeling you have when you wake , the way you talk to your children , yourself and how worthy you feel of all the gloriousness this world has to offer . Lasare hold a safe space with integrity and love. She allows you to unfold and hears the size and depth of the bumps you hit on the way there. I would highly recommend her as a coach and particularly recommend this course as the depth of experience and communion I have felt have been unique’ ….Z

‘I highly recommend this course and/or personal sessions with Lasare if you are wishing to step into your power in your life, to break through old conditioning & beliefs and you feel it’s time now to step into your authentic true self – a woman ready to let your light dazzle the world. Lasare has opened a safe & transformative space for us women to create abundance in our lives in a fun & heartfelt way. Thank you for coming into my life & thanks to me for manifesting this at a challenging time in my life!’ Alanah L