ReSourcing Ourselves

One of the fundamental aspects of my life’s learnings and teachings, is that life is MEANT to feel good! I used to think that ‘I’d get there one day’, that I had loads of ‘stuff’ to slog through and only when I’d ‘done my work’ would I get to my promised lands of more wellbeing, better relationships and opportunities… Cue the long search to understand my issues, to find self-trust and the elusive answers to my needs…

But now, some 20 years in, I know that considering myself a ‘work in progress’ is a self-fulfilling prophesy and that this will only put off till another day, the much-needed deeper feeling of wellbeing and rightfulness about my life. I bet you too know that awful feeling that comes when we feel as if we are ‘getting it wrong’ in life. I now chose to do my best to love and care for myself whatever feelings are up for me. I get that I am an aspect of awareness exploring life on Earth and my good feelings are a sign that I am hooked up to life’s benevolent currents.

I have this vision of all of us as One, like the ocean, but with many waves, representing the myriad and unique expressions of the One…The yummy feelings are the result of no longer fighting against the currents of life.

So, these days, to feel my oneness, I practice regular selfcare, meaning that I prioritize how I feel now, over all other activities, placing awareness of the vibration that I am feeling, over what I expect of myself. Those feelings we all feel so keenly, ARE the guidance from our Inner Being as to how allied we are with lifes flow or how much we are squeezing it out. The worse we feel, the less life, love, and truth we are letting embody in and through us. If I’m not in a good feeling state, then I start right there with giving myself what I am needing to bring myself back to a sense of equilibrium and faith. The thing is, that if we are in a low vibing state, then we can’t see the full picture….so we aren’t able to access the broader range of answers and inspirations that will be available to us when we come back to a better feeling place.


All too often we get caught up in our story inside, or relating to others, processing their opinions, sharing ours and causing stress in our systems due to what we are thinking. Taking the time to disentangle and notice the fears and concerns that are triggered so we can soothe those feelings, is such an important and life changing choice.


I am also seeing that we all have many different selves that we express through. We think that because we operate under one name, that there’s just one of us! But consider how different you are depending on what you are feeling… I offer the notion that each level of vibration that you are in, has different attitudes,interests, needs, food choices, vocal styles, memories and behaviours… If you have ever groaned with the memory of what another version of you has done, you know just what I mean. The behaviours that feel right to a lower vibrating aspect of you, will be very different to the high-flying you when you are on top of the world! It’s so worth taking the time to move yourself into a better state, than to get into action when fears and concerns are running amok. Otherwise you are setting lots in motion with a part of you that doesn’t see the full picture. Of course, this part of you deserves to be heard and understood, but we find that life works so much better when we learn to stop letting those aspects grab the wheel!


Just remember, if you aren’t feeling good, limit your reach…turn inside and ask yourself what you are needing to be soothed on. It’s an inside job…Life cannot give us something that we have decided we can’t have, don’t deserve, shouldn’t have… We need to be willing to examine our beliefs and realise that they only represent a habitual thought that we keep thinking… If we are up for ceasing our determination to prove our beliefs, we immediately start building a new neural pathway that leads to new results. Your worthiness was assured in the beginnings of your creation, just like every other thing in existence…your sense and knowing of that, lies in the choices that you make daily, to either prove your worth or underline the shakiness.


How about just pressing pause and breathing life’s love for you into yourself, right now and regularly! Just stopping the unconscious momentum into the old assumptions with presence and breath, followed by asking ‘what do I truly need most right now’ (and following through), will swiftly lead you to a better feeling place and a whole new way of life. The best news is, you have many new aspects of yourself to discover up there!