About Sacred Heart Space Men’s & Women’s Coaching


Sacred Heart Space, Men’s & Women’s Personal Coaching is the inspiration of Hugh and Lasare Maloney, who met on 11-11-11.

At the core of our work in Sacred Heart Space, we support our clients to learn to trust the voice of their heart by entering into a personal coaching process that is secure, transformative and nurturing…

Based near Glastonbury in Somerset, we are passionate about empowering our clients with the knowledge, tools and daily practices that create a life of self belief, healthy relationships, dynamic creativity and satisfaction…




Lasare Maloney


Lasare has been coaching and healing for over 15 years – 7 years of which, with the internationally award-winning Arrigo Programme.  She has also led many workshops, groups and hosted a radio show called Inspirations with Lasare. She has a background in Reiki, dance and movement, Breathwork, EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique), Law of Attraction Teachings and the works of David Feinstein and Donna Eden. (The Energies of Love) and is currently studying EAM – Energy Alignment Method…

Lasare began her original career in high end hairstyling in Knightsbridge, where she discovered an innate talent for encouraging the blossoming of the feminine spirit and the transformation of her clients. Whilst this had its’ satisfaction, the business was highly pressured and she knew something more adventurous awaited. She left everything behind and headed to California on a search for spiritual understanding. During her 9 years there, through many challenges far beyond what she had envisioned, Lasare underwent a deep process that caused massive personal change. In facing the difficulties in her relationships, self-perception, career and money issues, she discovered and embraced the need for greater self-knowledge and self-care. She studied myriad personal development approaches, took on deep spiritual practices and engaged in women’s circles, satsangs and spiritual gatherings, like the wonderful Agape, led by Michael Bernard Beckwith.

During these LA years she fully committed to the process of transformation which continues unstintingly to this day!

Returning to England after 9 years,she deepened her skills, incorporating all these interests into workshops using dance, sound and breathwork and doing regular one-to-one coaching. Later, Lasare launched her own brand of women’s coaching via her radio show, interviewing great teachers and authors, delivering a message of inspiration to her listeners. Amongst her interviewees were: Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing, Shiva Wheeler, author of ‘Finding Your Authentic Voice’, Amoda Ma Jeevan, author of ‘Change your Life, Change your World’.

Lasare is also a mother of 2 young boys – she has found great value and growth in the journey of balancing motherhood, family life and service to the community. She loves teaching this in her work with women through coaching, workshops, webinars, blogging and online groups.

In 2011 Lasare met Hugh, who met her in all her endeavours with a passion and commitment to match her own. Together they’ve launched their work in Sacred Heart Space, with a vision of sharing the great growth that they’ve experienced through their inner work…




A Skype session with Lasare focused on the key tools to overcome past challenges. Lasare is an extremely compassionate person, who helped me to open up by listening without prejudice. She gave me a number of energy clearing exercises to practice, in order to get my energy flowing. Whilst I felt slightly self-conscious to begin, I soon got into the spirit of things….


Suze Renner

The Luxury Columnist

Hugh Maloney


After working in the corporate world for more than 35 years, Hugh came to the conclusion that his job and certain aspects of his lifestyle were not supporting the next steps in his development and personal evolution. There were unanswered questions, dreams and aspirations and a deep knowing, that there were things about himself that he had not yet discovered.

He spent the next 10 years exploring his psyche, purifying his body and initiating the process of overcoming self-limiting beliefs and patterns, that were preventing him from finding a greater wholeness and personal freedom…

On this deeply transformative journey, he encountered and learnt to manage the shadowy aspects of the self, which hinder and sabotage progress. He forged strong links to his mature masculine nature, through continually balancing the four prime energies of the King, Magician, Warrior and Lover that drive and impact all men. He learnt to be guided by the feminine energies of the emotional body, which are the creative, intuitive, feeling and visionary part of every man. He entered into a deep fulfilling connection with Lasare, which empowered him to utilise and honour the mirror of relationship, which exposes aspects of the psyche, that are ready to be healed, loved and integrated. He fully embraced the process of accepting responsibility for the emotional states that triggered him.

He trained in Breath-work, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Reiki, and the Law of Attraction teachings. He studied and became practiced in the Energies of Love (David Feinstein and Donna Eden), the spiritual growth perspective of David Deida and the four archetypal energies of Robert Moore.

He left the corporate world determined to become a force for change in the world. He became passionate about men’s work. He saw that the next step in human evolution is dependent upon men stepping into their full mature masculinity, reclaiming through their heart the sacred connection to the feminine. To live and act in a way that is reliable, trustworthy, and honouring.

Hugh became a men’s mentor and coach, offering his unique perspective and talents to the regeneration and growth of men’s lives. Hugh now lives near Glastonbury in Somerset, with his new wife Lasare and his two stepchildren Hu and Jared, whilst enjoying the growth and adventures of his adult children Ben and Emily.

Hugh, in concert with Lasare, took the next natural step of bringing their individual coaching skills for men and women together to co-create Sacred Heart Space…