New Choices, MORE You!

Are you really ready to change?

At the core of our experiences, what defines us are the choices that we allow ourselves to make. When we feel connected to our dreams and ready to make new choices, then we become more of ourselves… Each moment of everyday, we are faced with infinite opportunities to decide which way our expectations will go. Through our love of safety, we tend to put great store by continuity, reminding ourselves of the story of our lives, how we got where we are, whom we consider ourselves to be, what we want to avoid or achieve and our relation to the others we assess around us… Are we better than them, less something or other than them? We tell ourselves why we are where we are and often make a habit of telling others too, assuming that it’s important that they know too!
Today I invite you to consider the ‘story’ that you woke up to, how quickly you searched for your place in it, perhaps even having to dig around for the memory of where you were up to yesterday! Is it a story of struggle, uphill efforts, laden with the weight of history or responsibility, tethered to fat strands of storyline, not enough money, dissatisfying work, health issues niggling at you…Did you wake up and reach for yesterday’s place in the story?
Well how about entertaining this notion…When we sleep, we drop the density and leave our physical bodies, refocussing in the higher dimensions of our Divinity! Just like the pre-birth state, we are aware of ourselves in infinite oneness and limitless freedom…
When we return to our physical vehicles in the morning, we arrive back in our lives, nourished and cleansed, without the inconvenience of infanthood and teens to go through! It is a daily rebirth and if it wasn’t quite so ordinary and reliable for most of us, we might recognise what a powerful opportunity it is to enjoy the reset!
That time just after awakening is such a potent time to choose what story line you choose to live. If you will reach for enjoyable thoughts, revel in your quiet time, breathe light, colour, grace or peace into your cells before attempting to find your place in your story, then you will set yourself off to such a good start. When times have been tough, reaching for simple and general appreciations will serve you best, like enjoying your breath, the warmth of the bed, the dawn light creeping in… If you feel good enough, then sit up and write in a journal of the aims of your day…I welcome…. I call in more…. I am ready for….
Then make the choice for more ease and pleasure as you step forwards into your day, shower yourself with gorgeous smells, be kind to your body as you dress, IGNORE parts of it that you have habitually judged, give yourself a break! With love, all body issues will return to balance. You can play yourself lovely music, listen to an inspirational talk…observing what your choices are feeling like in your system. Do your best to stay away from the News (The olds!) and don’t let yourself indulge in petty thoughts and conversations. Choice after choice will define the vibrational pathway that you will walk today. Each one having a signature pulse that we feel in our systems and inure ourselves to if we are not conscious of the choice and have long got in the habit of coping with.

It’s all too easy to keep our vibrations repeating and therefore our stories and experiences too and yet it is relatively easy too, to change where we are headed if we simply make a choice sooner rather than later. No-one but us chooses for us. It is ourselves that add the meaning to the insults and stressors that we attract. If we will choose that ‘time out’ that can reset us, then we can recalibrate to a more expansive vision and experience an entirely different timeline… It truly is all up to us.
Simply put, if it feels good, then your attitude, thoughts and choices will lead you into more good, if the thought feels contracted, then you need to come back to wellbeing before striding out again. No good can come from magnifying a negative state, only by bringing loving attention to ourselves can we course correct towards our pleasure and wellbeing…
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ED as treat Impotence

Sexual Dysfunction and Erectile Dysfunction

Most men experience erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence once they start taking Tadalafil. Erectile dysfunction is the condition in which men do not have a need for an erection because their needs for sexual stimulation and orgasm are more important than their need to have an erection. Some people who also suffer from erectile dysfunction are unable to achieve an erection, but have severe pain (frequent pain), erectile dysfunction without sexual problems, erectile dysfunction with no sexual problems, or severe erectile dysfunction and erectile dysfunction without sexual problems.

Eddylizumab, a drug that is sold in the United States under the brand name Epidural, may be an effective option for men who lack the muscle strength and sensitivity to produce the release of prostatic secretions that cause erectile dysfunction. ED is a serious disease that requires medical services and treatment that can be expensive. ED can have a long term sequelae, including sexual dysfunction. Sex education before and after ED treatment should be provided with sexual health classes and treatment for ED should start even before symptoms start to take hold.

Hormone Therapy

A number of medications that treat erectile dysfunction may have similar side effects, causing sexual side effects. Some of the drugs available in the United States include levonorgestrel (hormone-releasing pills), paroxetine (opioid, or sedative) and nortriptyline (norepinephrine, the main depressant used in a sexual relationship). This class of drugs, including estrogens, can cause sexual side effects of estrogen or progesterone with associated infertility and infertility problems related to poor testicular health such as hypogonadism If your doctor does not recommend surgery to restore erectile function, your doctor can perform the procedure by simply stopping the medication you received as part of the treatment. Erectile dysfunction treatment During the first three months following surgery or medical therapy, your doctor may order periodic blood, urine, and other tests that may be necessary to assess and monitor the effectiveness of the drugs you were given and/or what’s happening with your body during this time. While these tests may be important for improving outcomes when the surgery is over, they may also provide inaccurate data. This information may result in further medication costs and more time spent on additional testing. Your doctor will do these tests so you can know exactly how you are doing and if the amount or type of medications you are currently taking helps or hurts your sexual function. It is also important to know that these tests will only tell you that you have been taking the medications correctly. If you have been taking these medications for a long period of time, it may be too late to start them again. However, if you are taking prescription and over-the-counter medications, it is important to take extra precautions. These medications may not work for you, and the dose can change. Always ask your doctor or pharmacist first about what to expect during ED treatment; ask your doctor about specific risk factors for ED, including: erectile dysfunction, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid cancer, or an infection.

how much your medications would affect penis size and color

when and how often your medication will be discontinued

how long before you need to talk to your health care professional regarding any additional tests

all the medications you are currently taking

if any changes need to be made that will affect treatment options or benefits

If your doctor orders you to stop taking your medications before returning to work, or to stop using this medication for more than six weeks, he or she may decide to delay the operation for an additional period of time and then order a repeat evaluation using an approved test. This could include: taking new tests or treatments (i.e., a complete urine test and/or blood test)

treating the injury of the nerves that control the penis to help with erectile function, as well as the blood and urine testing

If an ED patient cannot successfully return to work and has not completed his or her treatment for the period of time necessary to have an erection and orgasm, he or she will be referred for further evaluation by a medical technician. The medical technician may ask

When to give to men

You should start therapy with sexual dysfunction medications if you are receiving sex chromosome testing results from your doctor or another healthcare provider. An individualized therapy plan for treating sexual symptoms is provided in our chapter Sexual and Sexual Function Undergoing Intensive Treatment for a Complicated Sexual Disorder.

You should start therapy with your sexual functioning test results from a healthcare provider within 24 hours after the surgery to help your doctors recognize sexual dysfunction. Consult your treatment provider for the best length of treatment for you and your individual symptoms – these may vary based on factors such as severity and location in time. A short delay may be recommended because treatment may not immediately return to baseline before you can achieve your goals for improvement in sexual function, though some patients may have to go longer if sexual function is compromised.

In general, most men take their medications as prescribed. If your symptoms are unusual and persist and you are receiving treatment for other conditions and medications, discuss how it could impact your care with your treatment provider.

What can you do until sexual symptoms resolve? What are the signs and symptoms after sex dysfunction surgery?

Anxiety medication

For anxiety or panic disorder, a doctor may order an IV sedation and add benzodiazepines to improve sleep quality. A prescription is usually written by a medical professional, and the patient should sign off on it. Although benzodiazepines are not approved for treatment of medical conditions involving erectile dysfunction, the drugs might help to reduce any symptoms, including sexual excitement and desire, if prescribed.

The benefits from the treatment of anxiety have not been widely studied. However, women generally reported lower anxiety and more positive thoughts, more often reported higher feelings of well-being and more frequency of orgasms, while men reported similar benefits with anxiety medication. If given daily for six months, benzodiazepines appear promising for the relief of insomnia and anxiety for women.

If prescribed as an emergency, a doctor may prescribe propranolol if a doctor deems that an emergency is present. The medications will not be given to treat other conditions, such as a heart condition, and they may be useful only during an emergency. A doctor should monitor every four to six weeks and ask questions. For those who need relief from pain, anti-anxiety medication, such as oxycontin, has shown to be effective in relieving withdrawal symptoms from an opioid overdose.

Chronic erectile dysfunction (CED)

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the lack (or absence) of normal sexual desire or erections, especially after the beginning of sex. Symptoms can include severe discomfort and erectile dysfunction. A CED condition may include any combination of several of these issues. A general definition of a CED condition includes:

Erectional or perineal distress without normal sexual desire.

Abnormal sleep, mood, or appetite.

Sudden or gradual loss of erection or an erection that appears to be less than normal and that does not last longer than three hours.

A severe and persistent inability to achieve an erection.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Treatment for ED may include surgery and/or physical therapy. A common treatment for ED is vasectomy. This is the removal of the urethra after penetration of a condom, without the loss of sexual sensitivity. Surgery to repair or replace the urethra is the most common option in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Other options include hormonal treatments and hormonal implants, or, a combination of both these actions. The combination of surgery and hormones may not only improve sexual function These medications can provide the erection that they require in order to maintain sexual pleasure even with muscle atrophy and damage to the nerve endings that keep them erect. If Tadalafil is taken in order to prevent impotence, you should consider not participating in sex or continuing to drink alcohol, to prevent further nerve injury and muscle wasting. In conclusion, taking Tadalafil can improve sexual function by preventing and reducing impotence. If your sexual desire is impotent, you should consider other medications before Tadalafil is taken to prevent muscle wasting. These medications can include erectile dysfunction medications (ED drugs), antidepressants.<|endoftext|>On the same day that he was confirmed to be President of the United States, President Barack Obama had a serious issue facing the American people: ISIS.

There are different methods of treating impotence in men. The most common drugs used are:

Propecia The drug Propecia is the leading treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) associated with testosterone deficiency. This hormone is released during the early stages of sexual function, and can be taken by injection; some men take Propecia on top of erectile dysfunction drugs. It’s also

How can I prevent erectile dysfunction?

The most effective way to reduce erectile dysfunction is to avoid the following, according to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE):

Excessive drinking, drugs or alcohol, smoking, or physical work that increases the chance of getting injured

Stress and trauma, which can cause muscle injuries that can cause permanent damage to the penile muscle

Smoking, which can cause the penis to grow longer and stiffer over the coming years


Being physically active and not getting enough rest, particularly while resting up

Unhealthy diet, especially with regard to fat consumption or consumption of processed foods

How can I reduce my risk of becoming injured while performing sexual function?

It is best to start by following a healthy diet. Regular exercise helps to help the body recover and restore sexual function. It starts with eating a healthy diet that minimizes cholesterol and fats which are harmful to the heart. In addition, there are a number of oral and topical medications that may help reduce the risk of injury.

Exercise is not a substitute for sexual activity. A sexual activity that does not produce sexual pleasure remains outside of the scope of this guidelines for sexual function guidelines. A sexual function that is not a result of an orgasm is not a sexual function at all.

If an erection would occur to people without an erection, it is not considered erectile dysfunction because this would require only a normal sensation of the penis (for example, without pain).

Some men have a condition with erectile dysfunction that causes them to be more susceptible to stress in situations that involve orgasm. For them, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle. This can include drinking alcohol and taking some kind of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug to lower blood pressure.

Can I protect myself from injury?

One of the biggest myths about sexual dysfunction is that it is easy. What you might think is “the harder it is to get an erection,” actually, it becomes difficult because it involves an external cause other than the external genitals. For example, a woman’s skin is very soft and can tear during sexual intercourse. In some cases, an attempt to achieve an erection without a lubricant will result in the loss of part of the penis.

The key to preventing muscle loss or damaged nerves in the penile muscle, known as ‘injuries,” or impotence, is to learn how to safely perform intercourse:


There are also a number of ‘manual-assisted-pulse’ (MAUP) techniques, which can be described more fully later. Although they generally involve either an operator and a patient, these methods are usually performed by a skilled operator and usually involve manual stimulation of a target area of the penis (known as ‘tendons’). This method is typically used to manage cases of impotence where the individual is able to manage his or her penis with regular sexual activity.

For each of these methods, the surgeon inserts a vibrating device called a ‘stimulator’ into the target area of the penis and makes a small electrical signal as it travels up and down the penis. A special microchip is then placed inside the penis. The vibrator is able to vibrate and vibrate and a sound signal is sent back to the surgeon. A small amount of lubricant is then applied to the area to allow the vibrator to remain vibrating for a small period and can be used to assist erectile function. During use, any discomfort that this causes can be worked out and reduced using the same vibrator. Some people with impotence can have problems controlling their erection for some time before it completely subsides. This is a normal symptom of treatment, and there are techniques and treatments available for patients to manage the problem.

In patients who are under 18 with an ED, the medical establishment offers a number of different techniques, some of which may be referred to as ‘manual-assisted-pulse’ (MAUP). These are:

Vaginal ultrasound

As part of treatment with MAUP, vaginal ultrasound is generally performed with a combination of a low intensity, long, low frequency light beam aimed at specific areas of the penis on an ultrasound probe located at the base of the shaft. The aim of this technique is to identify the cause of the impotence in a man.

This technique is one of the most common types of MAUP (Mastoid Imaging. See also Mastoid Treatment). It’s one of the most accurate ways to examine the structure of the penis and it is used extensively in Australia, particularly in relation to men with menorrhagia, the impotence that is caused by using both hands and without the ability to control them at the side of the penis, or because of the high pressure of use or because the penis needs to be inflated.

The procedure of VAS can be difficult because of muscle fatigue during placement of

When the patient has not received ED medication for up to two months, these individuals should be considered for Kamagra. However, it is important to remember that, by the same logic that ED medications prevent impotence, they also prevent the erectile dysfunction that has been caused by it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Tadalafil? The advantages of Tadalafil are: It relieves the need to maintain (or increase) an erection for up to 2,500 minutes. This is equivalent to the entire life of a typical man, excluding pregnancy.

A study examining the potential benefits of Tadalafil compared it to a placebo for men who would be unable to have sex in any other way and found that for about one percent of participants to maintain an erection, Tadalafil could do so. This suggests that Tadalafil could work in a similar way whether or not it is taken at the same time you take an erectile dysfunction medication.

Tadalafil may improve sexual performance. The study found that men taking Tadalafil were more likely to be more sexually stimulated, less anxious, aroused, and more satisfied than participants taking a placebo. This seems to suggest that Tadalafil has its effects regardless of when you take it.

There are significant risks with Tadalafil. The drug can be risky as a treatment for certain infections. It is not yet known what effect this drug will have on the immune system or if it will affect the prostate. As with any drug, the doctor must also decide how to use the drug to achieve the best possible results. Other risks include: Inactivation, which means an increased chance that the drug does not effectively bind to the cells in the body and cannot be delivered.

Tadalafil also makes patients vulnerable to a potential side effect, called tolerance. This can result when doctors over-dose the medicine and, because of the possibility that certain people may become sensitive to the side effects, they may be unable to take the medication long enough to see the desired results.

The Masculine and Feminine Inside of You!

Masculine Feminine

Many of us know of the Yin-yang symbol of Taoist origins standing for the masculine and feminine – but how much do you notice the principles it points to in your everyday life? The symbol shows two interconnected shapes, one black, and one white, with a dot of the opposite colour contained in it. Do you recognise your masculine energy (yang) in action? Do you feel and notice the feedback of your feminine (yin) energetic sensitivities? They are fantastically helpful to be aware of and can bring great balance between our masculine and feminine and understanding to our relationships and life in general.

Yang predominates as an energetic force in males, but is also a force that we females use too. It is our go-getting, manifesting, make happen, creational energy. It defines our interests, our focus, protects our concerns.. Yin is our stillness, the responding, feeling, receiving aspect of our consciousness. It is the all watching, noticing, quivering with feeling part of us that is most often recognised as a characteristic of females, but as the symbol shows is inherent in males too.

It is clear looking back over the last century in particular, that women have been developing a deeper connection to their masculine energies, taking over farming, manufacturing and commerce during the wars, rolling their sleeves back and feeling their accomplishments. After the wars came the backlash from the group psyche, having re-established safety in their countries, men in their many thousands crashed and burned, relaxed with a joint, dove into the many arms of the feminine and discovered how they really felt about warring and being expected to act as puppets for the government policies..

The massive movement ever since into self-knowledge, therapies, philosophies and healing from our stories has been all about the clearing of our feminine feeling states. The impulse to learn about all this has led to an emptying out of the ‘muck’ in our ponds, letting more clear ‘water’ come in and allowing a higher vibration to develop as our chosen way of life. What use is all that powerful yang energy if it runs wild into problems, killing and controlling anyone in our way. Only when we have tended to our fearful, divisive killer instinct and transcended this reactivity can we truly serve life..and enjoy it.

It is the natural order of things that the feminine inside of us be still regularly, receive from the Divine, be in-spired then allow our masculine energy to arise to action, to determine, define, lay structure and make it so.

With regular inward visits to feel the reverberations that move through the inner feminine systems, to breathe, to sound, to allow all reactions to settle, we can ‘land’ back in connection with ourselves, deepen our trust in the Divine reorganising principles. We will get the aha’s, the completions, the insights, the recovery of what we thought we’d lost.

Then we can sense where to put our attention and efforts. Everyday gives us myriad chances to practice this, even as I type now…I feel a pause, notice my senses, birdsong, breath, rising and falling…then my next words flow.. from yin comes yang, comes yin…comes yang…

Will you make a practice of pausing for inspiration, openness.. ‘a breath free of opinion’ I call it. Then your next actions will be filled with more presence, more potency, less need and fear. This is a wonderful practice for all people regardless of their gender and will lead to greater harmony within and certainly then all around.