Men’s Coaching with Hugh

Why you’ve arrived here …

  • Something is not working in your relationship
  • You’re caught in the same old negative patterns
  • Your partner is challenging you to change
  • Even you don’t like yourself sometimes
  • You’re looking for guidance
  • You want a deep loving intimate relationship

 The Challenge

The nature of the relationship between men and women in our culture is radically changing. Men are being asked to ”step-up”, to leave behind the old paradigm images of what a man “should be” and become aware of not only the inner world of their mature masculine potential, but also their own mature feminine. Men are being challenged to not only understand themselves, but to also understand their partners. Women are requesting their men to live and act in a way that is reliable, trustworthy, and honouring. When the masculine in a man is balanced, it responds and communicates in such a way that others feel safe, both physically as well as emotionally.

The journey from boy to man psychology is challenging enough – with a scarcity of mature men as role models, it is difficult to access the mature masculine for guidance.

The Vision …

  • Imagine if you could find your way past the block(s) in your relationship
  • Imagine if you could step into your mature masculine
  • Imagine if you could become the man you desire
  • Imagine if you could have the relationship you are looking for

The Response …

Men’s coaching with Hugh is provided in a friendly, dynamic, secure and inspiring atmosphere, through the presence of love and acceptance without judgement.  You will be heard, seen and supported by him…Together you will find answers to the changes you are seeking. We believe that what men need is not diagnosis, but the active support and guidance of the mature masculine, to empower them find their own answers to their challenges.

To address your situation, men’s coaching with Hugh will:

  • Help you to understand the dynamics at work in your relationship
  • Guide you to truly hear and see your partner – to realise what a perfectly designed setup you are both in, to evolve and to really love each other beyond conditions
  • Assist you to see and initiate the process of overcoming your self-limiting patterns
  • Empower you to engage and develop your mature masculinity
  • Mentor you with the knowledge, tools and daily practices that will establish and maintain healthy boundaries, develop generative agreements and place forgiveness, appreciation and innocence at the centre of your relationship
  • Present you with methods of how to meet, dialogue and manage your shadow aspects, which are calling for attention and resolution
  • Provide insight into the areas of your life which are out of balance, suggesting ways of honouring them and bringing them back into alignment
  • Teach you a range of practices and techniques for reducing stress, revitalising and energising the mind and body and bringing you in deep contact with your natural body intelligence
  • Advise you upon a programme of dietary, exercise and lifestyle choices

Before each programme begins, we offer a free 30 minute Skype or telephone call consultation with Hugh, to determine what is not working and establish an outline programme of treatments, therapies and practices. Sessions can be from one to two hours long, either in person at our country retreat near Glastonbury in Somerset, or by Skype/Telephone. Committing to a 5 or 10 session programme will demonstrate to your deepest self, a desire for lasting change and wellbeing.

Half & Full Day Retreats 

A prescriptive selection of treatments for a full day of decompression, great food, country walks with coaching, insights, healing and tools to take home. These take place in a beautiful rural farmhouse, set in it’s own orchard and meadow. You will experience a one to one day or half day, full of warmth, ease, honest sharing, powerful tools and recuperative healing sessions, plus a delicious home-cooked healthy lunch to send you home fully nurtured and rejuvenated

What You Will Need to Do

  1. Show up willing and believing that you can be transformed.
  2. Bring your honest authentic self to each meeting.
  3. Be prepared to reveal your most intimate secrets.
  4. Share your vulnerability, your pain, your sorrow, your wound.
  5. You will be asked to make commitments that you will be requested to keep. Without accountability for your agreements, you will remain stuck, act out, deceive yourself and continue to indulge your addictions.