Couples Relationship Coaching with Hugh and Lasare


If you find yourselves repeating the same arguments and focusing on the same negative aspects more and more in your relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean the worse. But finding out why you are experiencing this can be hard, as your shadow behaviours like to hide where you just can’t see them! It can be very useful to bring those issues into a safely held space, so you can find your way out of the maze.

Hugh and Lasare invite you enter Sacred Heart Space Relationship Coaching, to rediscover the innocence and tenderness in your relationship. We have all experienced the shock and hurt that happens when our loved one blames us for their feelings and the fear that we cannot experience the love that we so deeply want. By being willing to own and explore the feelings that are coming up for each of you, the gifts of relationship mirroring reveal themselves, allowing you to step into new levels of love and intimacy (in-to-me-see).

In Sacred Heart Space Relationship Coaching, you will:

  • Be fully heard, seen and supported
  • Learn new practices for defusing the distracting reactions of the fight or flight mechanism, that damages closeness and wastes so much time in recovery
  • Discover your own natural stress response behaviours, learn to prevent those reactions from running their story again and again
  • Develop better awareness of your body and breath, bringing more presence to your choices
  • Find it easier to truly hear and see your partner and realise what a perfectly designed setup you are both in, to evolve and to really love each other unconditionally
  • Understand and manage the principle Archetypal energies, that hijack the relationship and your own desires, causing disharmony and confusion
  • Honestly explore your own and your partners vision and commitment to the relationship – learning how to clear the blocks to your mutual goals

Hugh and Lasare bring the experience from their own deep explorations in loving, teaching you both to move beyond projection to presence and forgiveness. Their individual and collective understandings, bring a grounded and practical approach to the dance between lovers.

Before each programme begins, we offer a free 30 minute Skype or telephone call consultation, to determine what is not working and establish an outline programme of treatments, therapies and practices. Our guidance is provided in a friendly, dynamic, secure and inspiring atmosphere, through the presence of love and acceptance without judgement.  Sessions can be from one to two hours long, either in person at our country retreat near Glastonbury in Somerset, or by Skype/Telephone. Committing to a 5 or 10 session programme will demonstrate to your deepest selves, a desire for lasting change and wellbeing.

What You Will Need to Do

  1. Show up willing and believing that you can be transformed.
  2. Bring your honest selves to each meeting.
  3. Be prepared to reveal your most intimate secrets.
  4. Share your vulnerability, your pain, your sorrow, and your wounds.
  5. You will be asked to make commitments that you will be requested to keep.

Couples may also work separately with Hugh or Lasare for a gender specific approach, which weaves perfectly into couples work.