Integration of the self


I am both man and woman

Angel and demon

Sun and moon

Light and darkness

Yin and yang

Earth, wind, fire and water

Are the constructs of my keeping

I carry within me a song as old as all creation

Which I hold in safe keeping

For a time of revelation

Whereupon I shall step fully into the arena

Unfolding my true colours

I will lay me down to die

So that others may live

So that humanity can grow beyond

Its self-made boundaries

Towards its destiny

Give me the powers of the king but for a day

So that I can show you the way

 (….I have learnt to live, in the wild woods, far from the captive masses. This decision has created my own space, enabling me to live outside the cultural enclosure. Each day I swim in the clear crystal pool of the wood and turn gold from head to foot. There my wounds are healed by the earth father; there I am at one with my white shadow, who is my other self. I need no tools to do my work, nor heat to keep me warm. Here I am not lonely for all creation is at my side…..)

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