Relationship – Spirituality – Evolution

Sacred Heart Space Blog

Hugh and Lasare offer food for thought in the Sacred Heart Space Coaching blogs. Here we discuss how we create our experiences, how we can learn from each other, our manifestations, hear our inner guidance and trust the journey in our lives & relationships. We welcome your comments, questions and feedback.

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ReSourcing Ourselves

One of the fundamental aspects of my life’s learnings and teachings, is that life is MEANT to feel good! I used to think that 'I'd get there one day', that I had loads of 'stuff' to slog through and only when I'd 'done my work' would I get to my promised lands of more...

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Pleasure as a Way of Life….

  Pleasure is Soul Work! It’s a lovely word isn’t it…pleasure…just say it to yourself and notice how your mouth almost forms a smile as you speak it… ‘It’s my pleasure’…if you are really paying attention you might notice that your whole body responds to this...

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