Shadow Work

Shadow Work

When you notice something in a person that deeply activates you, triggering a negative emotional response, do not judge it, do not deny or abandon the feeling, move towards it, open your heart to that person, empathise with them, embrace the feeling.

The activating person is not the cause of the emotional response, they are but a mirror into your psyche … for what you see is a lost aspect of yourself, that wants to be invited back home to you, your greater self …
If you can recognise, welcome and even love this dark or shadow self, learning to accept it, then the healing can flow and growth can ensue.
This is regenerative shadow work – only in the shadow, will you find the missing parts of yourself that are essential for the journey ~ without integrating them, you will arrive at your destination, bereft of your wholeness.

Shadow Work
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Shadow Work
How working with the shadow in relationship helps with spiritual growth

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