Going with Yin – Womens’ Retreats


Going with Yin womens’ retreats are a personal and unique retreat experience, like a prescription from your soul… for letting go of all that you have been doing, trying to achieve… or avoid, hold together and understand….

Have you arrived at a time when you KNOW you need a deeper connection with yourself …are you sensing that it’s time to turn away from all distractions…time to come home to yourself and hear the deep callings from your innermost self….

You may know the concept of yin & yang, the inner (feminine) and the outer (masculine) energetics at play in the Universe, but have you stopped to wonder if you are being ‘in yin’ enough? Whilst all of us embody both qualities daily, we women are usually more native and nourished in a yin state… This means that when we overdo our ‘yang’ outgoing/doing activities, our systems reflect that as stress, tightness, bitterness, lack of support, feeling unloved and like life is unfair or hard work.

Our deeply skilled and loving team of therapists, teachers and practitioners will meet you right where you are and guide you to go right where your spirit most wants to go…..

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We are all surrounded by so many daily distractions and invitations to go outwards….but it is in the silence and simplicity of stillness that we can hear our deepest wisdom and be guided forward from the voice of our heart. It is in a ‘yin’ state or receptivity that our cup can be filled from within…

Giving yourself this time to be deeply nurtured, seen, heard, held and healed, will be a turning point in your journey…

A Going with Yin retreat is a time to land in truth with yourself, rediscover your natural worth and recalibrate to your deepest expression. There is truly nothing ever really broken, no matter what you have been through, and yet we can all too often walk feeling like something is missing….


Going with Yin allows you to discover what it is that must be retrieved….it’s simply yourself…..



To Nurture You…


  • You will have a beautiful, private holiday retreat cottage all to yourself
  • Set in the famed lands of Avalon near Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, England, the ancient landscape will invite you to find your highest truths and needs, to hear the whisper of your Soul…
  • You will be supported by 3 – 4 different therapists and practitioners, who will all visit you daily, to nurture you and guide you into your deepest self, so you can heal from your past and redesign your future
  • Your sessions will include daily Personal Transformation Coaching,  a Transformational Breath® session, TRE (Natural Stress & Tension Release) and/or a healing massage/energy session at night, to soothe you into the deepest rest…
  • Nourishing food is lovingly selected for your health needs
  • Enjoy quiet time too, walks, baths, candles and flowers to blossom your spirit as we tend your soul


To the lovely Lasare and team, thanks you so much for everything over the last few days.. I feel very loved and nurtured. It’s been amazingly cathartic and I have loved hanging out by myself too. I know there is much more to come, but I am well on the way thanks to you 3 lovely goddesses.. Big love and see you again!

Lyndsey  ~ Womens’ Business Coach

It feels wonderful to be so supported and ‘held’ – I’ve experienced that in the widest sense from connection to Source, but this is the first time in my life I’ve been ‘personally’ supported and valued. So thank you Lasare, – you’re all holding and empowering us all from your own deep place of connection.

V Baker

I feel amazing, so thank you. I was saying to a couple of pals today (all intrigued by my trip) that I feel so good. I can’t believe how I feel, and the biggest piece has been the nurturing I received from you three lovelies. I have never in my entire life (that I can remember) felt so looked after (by women) and it’s blissful. It’s also not what I was expecting to come out of the trip at all – although I did not really know what I was expecting. What is amazing is that I now know don’t have to get that from my Mum and that is liberating – I think unconsciously I thought it could only be her (and on her terms). So a big shift there.


Lynne ~ Female Leadership Expert

This has quite simply restarted my life.  I felt like I had, for some time, been parked up a cul-de-sac and Lasare helped me to reverse out and get back on life’s super highway! I know that the amazing range of tools that I’ve been equipped me with, will prevent me ever getting ‘stuck’ again in the future!

Linda  ~ proud new business owner!

I highly recommend this if you are wishing to step into your power in your life, to break through old conditioning & beliefs and you feel it’s time now to step into your authentic true self – a woman ready to let your light dazzle the world. Lasare has opened a safe & transformative space for us women to create deep wellbeing in our lives in a fun & heartfelt way. Thank you for coming into my life!

Alanah L

What a delicious wonderful experience to be treated by the very skillful & inspired Lasare. I felt completely held, accepted and in divine flow as Lasare guided me to re engage with my body and let go of old patterns. Thank you! I am still feeling the effects weeks later…


Andi  ~ Acupuncturist



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