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 If we can look bravely into the mirror of the life that we are living, noting our reactions and preferences with curiosity and courage, everything that our innermost heart is desiring becomes possible. We are not given a dream without the means to make it so, but sometimes it is necessary to become changed beyond who we think we are to be able to live those dreams….


Sacred Heart Space is a revitalising and transformative approach to the fundamental challenges of life. With the support of our personal coaching services and programs, born of years of individual seeking and trainings, you can make the breakthroughs that you are yearning for…


When we become fully present to our circumstances, no matter what we are experiencing, we discover that the keys we’ve needed have been in us all along, rooted in our core self, what we call the Sacred Heart. Every unloving behaviour and experience that we have originates from fear. Our work is founded in the knowing that within each one of us, is a sacred source of strength and love that will guide and lead us when we learn to slow down our reactions that are born of fear. Then we are able to arrive home in the heart of our true selves  and to engage with our lives, knowing that we are deserving and able to take natural steps into the life and loves that we most desire for ourselves.


We offer a wide range of trusted, easy-to-use tools, (learn about these on our coaching pages) through one-to-one men’s & women‘s personal coaching, skype coaching, workshops, online classes and relationship coaching for couples…


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