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Our intimate relationships offer us a fast track in spiritual evolution, inviting us to heal the habits in us that cause division, thereby transforming not only our relationship with each other, but also with the world. If we can look bravely into the mirror that our loved one holds up to us, then we will discover every inhibition preventing us from fully trusting ourselves, love and each other. The freedom to love more deeply comes with the assistance of relationship coaching, by accessing your joined Sacred Heart Space, elevating your lives beyond all recognition.

Sacred Heart Space is a revitalising and transformative approach to the fundamental challenge of couples finding their way back consistently, to the love that they felt when they first met….and deepening it …When we become fully present to our circumstances, no matter what we are experiencing, we discover that the keys we’ve needed have been in us all along.  We offer a range of trusted, easy-to-use tools through workshops, healing and relationship coaching for individuals and couples, that demonstrate how to manage the potent emotional energy that arises when couples are in conflict, empowering them to step into conscious loving.

Also available is one-to-one men’s coaching and women’s coaching, with Hugh and Lasare, deeply exploring gender based development, working with the archetypal energy flows of the divine masculine and feminine within and how they affect relationship.



 “When lovers meet, one part of God is taking pleasure in another part of God”

…(Maintaining that pleasure is the mark of the determined lover!)…

Couples, Men’s & Women’s Coaching – Glastonbury