Lasare and Hugh Maloney

Transformational Coaching for Individuals & Couples


We help you explore the underlying assumptions, beliefs, values, expectations and personal attitudes that shape your experience of yourself, your world and other people.We offer a wide range of trusted, easy-to-use tools, through one-to-one men’s & women‘s personal coaching, skype coaching, workshops, online classes and relationship coaching for couples..

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“I loved doing Lasare’s work. To start with I felt a little anxious and resistant in what might lie ahead. But I cannot begin to describe how life changing it has been. I have found myself again, stepped back up into my power and chosen LIFE. I am walking taller. I feel lighter. I feel empowered. From all this, love and appreciation is flowing, my old negative beliefs around abundance and money have been busted. During the whole course, huge emotions and breakthroughs have occurred in my life, it’s been a rollercoaster! Lasare is a master teacher and holds a beautiful safe space with so much love and openness, and also playfulness too. Lasare teaches amazing and simple tools to help acknowledge and process whatever maybe going on and how to reach a higher vibration. Thank you Lasare I am so grateful to you…”
Jenny E

“Lasare and Hugh have held a space for me and my partner at times of extreme distress and dis-ease both emotionally and spiritually. A true beacon of light in a bewildering darkness. They gave us tools that empowered us and are still resonating. Not as most ‘counsellors’ who profess to uncover layers of truth, but in my opinion simply get you to repeat your ‘story’ and with it a reaffirmation of the victim mentality. What Lasare and Hugh did for us was to simply give us a key to unlock the doors we were blocked by.Enormously powerful, enormously clear. Incredibly simple. More than anything incredibly effective for anyone willing to do the work….”
Simone M